Tea Time webinars with Just Solutions

Tea Time with Just Solutions: Fostering Learning & Sharing with Environmental Justice Advocates

In the relentless pursuit of environmental justice, dedicated leaders and practitioners often find themselves expending a tremendous amount of energy, mental fortitude, and personal capacity. The passionate individuals at the forefront of this crucial movement frequently encounter exhaustion, frustration, and the daunting challenges of an ever-expanding scope of issues. Amidst the continuous demands, it is vital to create spaces that prioritize the well-being of these environmental justice champions, allowing them to continue their invaluable work effectively. Enter Tea Time with Just Solutions, a revitalizing space designed to empower and invigorate these dedicated individuals as they navigate the intricate landscape of environmental justice.

Tea Time offers a unique opportunity for BIPOC-Frontline EJ practitioners to come together in a supportive and closed space. These gatherings are crafted to provide leaders with the chance to recharge, recenter, and refocus on their missions within the environmental justice movement, while also fostering a sense of collective purpose towards a more equitable future.

September 2023 Tea Time with Linda Trey & Cyatharine Alias from Chicago Asian Americans for Environmental Justice

Our previous Tea Time events have featured inspiring leaders such as Jacqui Patterson, Executive Director of The Chisholm Legacy Project, Jayeesha Dutta, Program Director of Windcall Institute and Co-Founding Member of Another Gulf Is Possible Collaborative, Piyachat Terrell, EPA’s Director of Community Engagement and Assistance Division at the US EPA Office of Environmental Justice and External Civil Rights, and Linda Trey & Cyatharine Alias from Chicago Asian Americans for Environmental Justice. These influential voices have shared their motivations, the intentional impact they hope to achieve, and the invaluable lessons they’ve learned throughout their journeys. Their insights offer practitioners valuable wisdom and guidance that can be applied in their daily work.

Tea Time events aim to serve as a refuge where BIPOC-Frontline EJ Leaders can connect in a safe and community-centered space. Past participants have shared their enthusiasm saying,  “Appreciate having this ‘sacred space’”. We invite you to join us at our next gathering, where you’ll have the opportunity to rejuvenate your spirit and unite with like-minded leaders committed to creating a more just and equitable world. We can’t wait to share this space with you. 

If you’d like to share your work with fellow BIPOC-Frontline EJ Leaders in a future Tea Time event, please reach out to tayler@justsolutionscollective.org.