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Angel Bautista

Senior Digital Strategist

Angel Bautista (They/Them), Senior Digital Strategist, is a queer, nonbinary person of color based in Jacksonville, FL. Their experience in communications strategy originates from their bachelor’s degree education at the University of North Florida as a mass communications major. From grassroots projects to community-centered nonprofits, Angel has supported various movements grounded in social justice through their expertise in strategic digital media. They’ve managed social media accounts over the past 6 years with followings ranging from 10k to over 100k. Angel’s academic training in Cinematic Arts has earned them the skills for scriptwriting, producing, directing, and video editing.

After hours, Angel can be found starting new art projects, spoiling their cats, and soaking up the Florida sun. 

Contact: angel at justsolutionscollective.org

Solutions by Angel Bautista

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