Webinar: The Effects of Health and Housing Quality on Climate Vulnerability and Resilience

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In part two of The Perfect Storm of Extraction, Poverty, and Climate Change Webinar Series, the authors of the report provided an overview of the health and infrastructure issues and findings highlighted in Just Solution’s recent report, “The Perfect Storm of Extraction, Poverty, and Climate Change: A Framework for Assessing Vulnerability, Resilience, Adaptation, and a Just Transition in Frontline Communities.” We reviewed the intersection between housing quality and health for environmental justice communities. Additionally, we heard from a panel of experts in the field working on solutions to these issues. Through a case study approach, Just Solutions has developed a Prioritizing Frontline Communities Framework for considering and measuring the adaptive capacity and resilience of frontline communities as they confront climate change. It examines the “pre-existing” conditions in six frontline communities that are among the most vulnerable to and affected by climate change and considers the effects of these conditions on the local capacity to cope with, prepare for, and respond to ongoing climate-related challenges. The six communities are Glacier County, Montana; Holmes County, Mississippi; Hidalgo County, Texas; McDowell County, West Virginia; East End, Bridgeport, Connecticut; and East Las Vegas, Nevada. This webinar considered the health and infrastructure conditions these communities face and explored policy solutions.