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Angela Mew, Development Director at Just Solutions

Angela Mew

Development Director

Angela Mew (she/her/hers) serves as the Development Director at Just Solutions. In this capacity, she oversees the formulation and execution of strategies aimed at securing the necessary funding to support the organization’s growth and development efforts. Boasting over a decade of experience in nonprofit development, Angela possesses a profound comprehension of grant writing, the grants management processes, and has effectively obtained funding from diverse sources.  Prior to her tenure at Just Solutions, Angela engaged with a spectrum of social justice matters such as criminal justice, policy, advocacy, education, and community mobilization at organizations like Council for a Strong America, Center for Court Innovation, and the Legal Aid Society, alongside other national clients as a Director at Elevate.

Angela holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Social Sciences, pursued graduate studies at Harvard University, and is presently pursuing a Juris Doctorate degree on a part-time basis at Northwestern California University School of Law. A Detroit native and certified foodie, Angela finds joy in quality time with her son, volunteering in the community, reading, watching movies, and spin class.

Contact: angela at justsolutoinscollective.org