• Aiko Schaefer

    Aiko Schaefer

    Aiko (she/her) provides overall direction to the Just Solutions Collective. She has nearly 30 years of experience working on public policy issues and campaigns around the US on poverty, inequality, […]

  • Khanh Pham

    Khanh Pham

    Khanh Pham (she/her) is a Senior Fellow/Strategist on community reinvestment. When she is not working with us as a strategist, Khanh serving in the Oregon State Legislature as the State […]

  • Cristina Muñoz De La Torre, PhD.

    Cristina Muñoz De La Torre, PhD.

    Dr. Cristina Muñoz De La Torre (she/her) develops research and policy analysis and program evaluation around climate and environmental justice with a specialization in disaster resilience and equity. She connects […]

  • Sonia Marroquin

    Sonia Marroquin

    Sonia Marroquin (she/her/hers) plays a role in supporting Just Solutions’ talent and culture management programs aimed at advancing the organization’s growth and initiatives that foster a healthy, positive and collaborative workplace. Sonia […]

  • Zully Juarez, MURP.

    Zully Juarez, MURP.

    Zully Juarez (she/her/hers), works to identify, research, and analyze existing environmental policies, practices, procedures, and laws. Zully has over a decade of extensive experience working on various environmental, public health, […]

  • Sylvia Chi

    Sylvia Chi

    Sylvia (she/they) is a Senior Fellow/Strategist on federal policies and financing.  Her role is to further policy innovation, foster peer-learning, and help to build greater policy capacity for BIPOC-Frontline groups. […]

  • Angel Bautista

    Angel Bautista

    Angel Bautista (They/Them), Senior Digital Strategist, is a queer, nonbinary person of color based in Jacksonville, FL. Their experience in communications strategy originates from their bachelor’s degree education at the […]

  • Tayler Ward

    Tayler Ward

    Tayler Ward (she/her), is the Senior Manager of Communications and Education Programs at Just Solutions Collective. Tayler seeks to elevate and address the needs of BIPOC community partners by sharing […]