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    We’re advancing community-created, equity-centered solutions to the climate crisis.

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    What We Do

    Just Solutions is a BIPOC-led, national climate organization that partners with communities disproportionately impacted by climate change to turn their priorities and ideas into policies and laws.


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    We proactively assess challenges and opportunities within local, state and federal legislation and programs to define and elevate justice-centered policy solutions.

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    We offer a two-year Senior Fellows Program for seasoned policy experts and advocates to explore their interests in more depth and share their expertise as thought leaders, mentors and trainers. And we are developing Climate Justice Policy Training Institutes for emerging leaders as well as campaign-specific, peer learning cohorts for more seasoned policy leaders to advance strategy and innovation.

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    We convene and lead federal and state “Innovation Hubs” to provide space, time, and resources for state partners to strengthen networks, share successful models, push their thinking on policy solutions, and advance campaign strategy at the state and federal level.

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    We provide education and communication offerings to disseminate lessons learned, shape public discourse, deepen understanding of justice-centered solutions, and build a broader base of support.

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    We engage allies in non-profit, academia, philanthropy and government sectors to leverage and align resources, expertise, and networks in support of our partners’ campaigns.

    Core Work Areas

    All of our work serves the purpose of centering BIPOC-frontline communities, uplifting equitable solutions, and advancing climate justice.

    All across the country, Black, Indigenous, Communities of Color, and Frontline communities are developing equitable climate solutions that are leading to a just future that benefits everyone.

    Broadening and deepening the understanding of equitable and effective policies and programs.

    • Addressing Indoor Air Quality with WE ACT for EJ

      Across the country, BIPOC-Frontline communities are facing overexposure to indoor air pollution which has led to poor health outcomes, disproportionate fossil fuel emissions, and greater inequity gaps. This webinar with […]

    • Webinar cover screen: Carbon Capture and What it Means for EJ

      Webinar: CCS And What it means for EJ

      CCS is often purported as a just environmental solution, aiming to reduce the levels of decades of carbon emissions in the earth’s atmosphere. However, many environmental and climate justice advocates […]

    Together, we are driving community-created and equity-centered solutions to the climate crisis

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